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Disc Golf Flies at Westminster City Park

A newly-constructed, 18-hole disc golf course that is free to the public is now open in Westminster! The $30,000 circuit was funded in part by a $15,000 joint venture grant from Jefferson County. Similar to regular golf, disc golf, also known as Frisbee golf, has been around since the 1970s. The game involves throwing a disk or Frisbee at a basket, trying to land your disc in the basket in the fewest number of throws. Each basket, or hole, is assigned a par value like traditional golf.

The City contracted with Denver-based BADCO Disc Golf Club for design of the course, which begins near the City Park Lake, passes the soccer and softball fields and runs along Big Dry Creek. The course offers an average playing difficulty, with longer throwing distances to compensate for fewer trees and water hazards. Download your Disc Golf Course Map (pdf) and begin playing today!

This article is on the Westminster city web page for Parks and rec.

Paco’s Gulch Disc Golf Course update

The project @ Paco Sanchez / Lakewood dry gulch went to bid on 5/25, this means that construction should start in 30 days or so. Ronnie is Bidding on several of the disc golf items and knows several of the contractors that will be bidding on the tee pads. If the contractor who gets the bid is some one Ronnie knows then Ronnie will act as a consultant to help make sure the job is done right, unlike the Badlands tees. If not we need to Hope for the Best but expect the worst. BADCO will do our best to make sure that all goes well but some time things are taken out of our control. We will keep you updated as the project moves forward.update as of 7/10/05 Construction of the course is scheduled to begin in August of 05 looking foward to seeing the course come to pass.

BADCO course management program

BADCO has committed itself to the growth of disc golf, and is also committed to seeing that the sport grows in a responsible way. The primary duties of BADCO is to:
1.Educate players about littering on courses and the affect of dog waste
2.Provide specific days where disc golfers can come out to their favorite course and help clean it.
3.Report all vandalism to proper authorities.
BADCO strongly recommends that existing disc golf courses have a maintenance program in place. The best is the management program that BADCO offers.

1.Westminster: Our job at White Hawk Disc Golf Course is a.) Eyes on park-watch for users abusing park rules such as trash, dogs off leash, Picking up after dog and vandalism. Our recourse is to notify police or dog Catchers. We are provided with direct line to said officer who responds on Our request.
b.)Move basket to alternate location every two months.
c.)Clean off tee pads of mud and snow.
d.)General clean up twice a year.
e.)Hold organized events such as doubles and tag play in order to give park users an organized event to participate in.
2.South Suburban: Our job at Badlands South Disc Golf Course is
a.) Eyes on park-watch for users abusing park rules such as trash, dogs off leash, picking up after dog and vandalism. Our recourse is to notify police or dogcatchers. We are provided with direct line to said officer who responds on our request.
b.) Clean off and level dirt tee pads.
c.) General clean up twice a year.
d.) Hold organized events such as doubles and tag play to give park users an Organized event to participate 3.Easter Seals: Our job at Thunder Mountain Disc Golf Course is
a.) This course is a private use course.
b.) General clean up, trim or remove fallen trees.
c.) We are responsible for raising money to pay for golf course so no money comes out of camp funds. To date we have purchased 27 basketsand have completed the course.( this course may expand to 36 or even 72 holes in the future)
d.) We also use the camp for our club picnic and fundraisers in May.
4.Hyland Hills: Our job at Badlands Disc Golf Course is:
a.) Eyes on park-watch for users abusing park rules such as trash, dogs off Leash, Picking up after dog and vandalism. Our recourse is to notify police Which we provided with a direct line to said officers who respond on our Request.
a.) Move baskets every two months.
b.) Clean off tee pads of mud and snow.
c.)General clean up twice a year.
d.) Hold organized events such as doubles, tag play and tournaments to give Park users an organized event to participate in.
e.) General reconstruction or design change. The baskets and signs are owned By the club in a joint effort to help keep down the cost for the park so our Authority goes a little deep here than in other parks.
5. Denver: Our job at Paco Sanchez Disc Golf Course is:
This course is still in the planning stage but soon to be installed and our job will be similar to other courses. We are not saying we have all the answers to all the problems that may come up on a disc golf course but, we are willing to work with you or anyone of authority to help solve the problems that may occur and make disc golf at your park/course safe and fun for all to enjoy.

King of The Mountain on Thunder Mountain / Story and Results

The third annual King of the Mountain fundraiser was a great success in my opinion. We had a great group of people come out to support the camp and the course. The Saturday morning doubles was a blast with only a 1 stroke difference determining the winners with a 6, and three groups had a tie with 5. Ronnie Ross presented the first place winners Ron Whitehead & Brett Marshall with their trophies and money. Both Ron and Brett donated their winnings back to the camp and course. There were 9 teams in all and the round took 4 and half hours to play.

There were 4 bands playing great music all day. Which could be heard all across the mountainside. Americorps came up to help for the day, which was a blessing. You might recall that BADCO had done a fundraiser for Americorps last year, at the City of Cuernavaca park in downtown Denver for the Hunger Fling.

After, and during, the doubles match the King of the Mountain tournament was going strong with groups of people teeing off all day long. Last years winner (name) won this year as well with an amazing 8 in the Advanced division, and with a 2 stroke handicap it was a 10 that took the trophy. The only Ace on the day belonged to Brett Stipitich He was the winner of the Tag Tournament as well and went home with a new disc bag for the Ace, tag #3, and a trophy.

All of the BADCO members that were in attendance were treated to a beautiful lodge to stay in and delicious food prepared by Ronnies wife, Tommie Ross. There were 3 players parties going on all at once, two at campsites and one at the lodge. Rod Baca graced the upper camp fire circle with some magnificent drum playing and singing of Native American song. Mark Steputis brother David also joined in with some drum playing and his friend Richard was on the guitar. Now this was camping at its finest!

All in all the excellent weather provided for a great tournament and a wonderful time at night, with great people coming in from all over the state. This, in my opinion, is what disc golf is all about; fun; friends; and doing good for others in the process. So I thank each and every one who took the time to come out and support a great cause and help make what will soon be the best course in the state, if not the country.

Check out all the great event photos


Tournament Results:

King of the Mountain

1. Kent Villup 72

2. Brett Stipetich 76

3. Josh Brown 76

4. Shawn Ennis 76

5. Rod Baca 77

6. Mark Steputis 77

7. Randy Anderson 77

8. Mike Webster 79

9. Tim Hugo 81

10. Tom Peterson 81

11. Greg McDonald 83

12. Dustin Peterson 83

13. Brett Marshall 84

14. Mike Livingston 85

15. Desean Brown 85

16. Jim McCann 85

17. Bryant Cannon 86

18. Matt James 86

19. Ron Madrid 87

20. Rad Bunting 87

21. Ron Whitehead 87

22. Ron Ross 88

23. Mark Hough 89

24. Joel Abriam 89

25. Brian McFarland 90

26. Todd Wasserman 91

27. Mike Thompson 93

28. David Close 93

29. Blake Hart 99

30. Mike McKittrick 108

31. Elizabeth Maxcy 112

32. Ed Grosz 114

33. Beth Luther 116

34. Ron Seyfer 135

35. Salvadore Ross 135

There were a lot of people who did not turn in there cards. #2 thru #8 need to call Ronnie to set pick up for prizes.


Tag Tournament

1. Brett Stipetich #3

2. Josh Brown #6

3. Brett Marshall #11

4. Mike Livingston #19

5. Ron Madrid #22

6. Ron Whitehead #23

7. Matt James #24

8. Ron Seyfer #32

9. Salvador Ross #50

Doubles Winners

Brett Marshall and Ron Whitehead

Please post comments on how we can improve this event for next year. Keep in mind that it is a fund raiser for the course. Thank you all for coming out!

Notice to all clubs

If you are a club in Colorado or any where in the world, and you have an event or a story you would like to publish on this site, just do it ! We want to hear from you and what you’re up to. Your brothers in disc golf BADCO

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Paco’s Gulch Disc Golf Course

This story was found on Denvers web site!

Just incase you thought that it would never happen. I thought you might find this story very helpful. I was looking on Denvers web site to find out when the Bid to construct Paco’s Gulch would start when I ran across this story. I think it might be a great thing for a number of Disc Golfers to help out in this project / event. see full story at Press Release on Paco’s

South Suburban Meeting 2024

Ronnie Ross, Matt James and Brett Marshall had a meeting with the new incharge person for South Suburban ( Badlands South ) On Wednesday march 24th. We went over many topics such as Mowing the fair ways better (wider ) More Trash cans on the course, Tournaments to raise funds for the park and Keys to the Baskets so they can be moved on a more regular basis.

We also re aserted that we would like to redesign the course to cross the creek and make good use of the trees and creek. We will keep you updated as things progress.

2004: The Hunger Fling, First Annual Disc Golf Tee Off

BY: Chris Bianco

DENVER – Operation Frontline, a program of Share Our Strength announces its first annual Disc Golf fundraiser, “The Hunger Fling,” which will take place August 7, 2024, from 12-6 pm, at the City of Cuernavaca Park, located at Platte and 20th Streets, near LoDo and Coors Field. Proceeds generated from the event will be used to fund Operation Frontline programs that fight hunger and malnutrition in Colorado.

“The Hunger Fling” features an afternoon of disc golf fun. A professionally designed 9-hole course will grace both banks of the Platte River, and players tee off in teams of four. Not only will there be disc golf, in addition, enjoy food, New Belgium brews, and music! The nominal donation for participation in the event is $20 pre-registration by July 30th, and $25 after July 30th. Register by calling 303.892.8480.

The event draws support from BADCO, Colorado’s professional disc golf club, the North Denver News, Mountain High Yoghurt, Panera Bread Company and New Belgium Brewing Company.

Pre-registering is recommended for the event so that tee times can be established to eliminate extensive waiting periods. Or, show up any time between 12pm and 6pm and have a few drinks while waiting to tee off. Remember to show up earlier rather than later to ensure that you can finish your round before 6pm. All ages are welcome, but Beer Drinkers, don’t forget your IDs!

Operation Frontline, a program of Share Our Strength, is a national nutrition education and financial literacy program developed to address the root causes of hunger in the United States. Locally, Operation Frontline promotes short- and long-term solutions to malnutrition by mobilizing volunteer chefs, nutritionists, and financial planners to teach low-income people the nutrition, cooking, food budgeting, sanitation, and financial skills they need to make healthy food choices and good financial decisions on a limited budget. Classes are offered throughout the metro Denver area through partner agencies like Head Start, Food Bank of the Rockies Rustlers Kids Caf, Volunteers of America, Family Resource Centers, and many other agencies that serve Colorado’s underprivileged population.

2002: RIP Applewood Disc Golf Course

BY: Jeff ‘Toad’ Panis

It’s just a little out-of-the-way 9 hole course tucked away in a small park in Golden, Colorado. Many disc golfers dismiss Applewood Park Disc Golf Course because of its short layout, or its limitation to 9 holes.

However, this course is the regular home of Jay Burghardt, who every day on his lunch hour refines and improves his game. This year, Jay attended the World Amateur Disc Golf Championships in Florida and won his division. He owes much of his success to his disciplined approach to practice of the game, especially at Applewood.

The course is also home to many youngsters eager to learn the game in an environment a little less competitive than the surrounding 18 hole courses.

Well, Jay, the youngsters and all other disc golfers who enjoy Applewood may be surprised when, in the coming weeks, baskets, tee pads and tee signs will begin to disappear from the course.

Prospect Recreation & Park District (PRPD) will post notices this week stating that the course is scheduled for removal and beginning the week of November 3rd the demolition begins.

The PRPD Board of Directors has been discussing the future of the course for months and after some research with consultants and experts in the sport (i.e. the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and Disc Golf World Magazine) the board decided that the course was hazardous to the other park users (soccer and baseball participants, joggers, etc.).

So, what happens now? PRPD has not ruled out installing the baskets in another location. The district is small and encompasses the area between Applewood and Fairmount. Who knows? Maybe they can find a spot for a new layout. BADCO has been instructed to stay in contact with the district for any developing news. If the baskets go unused, hopefully BADCO or another group can obtain the baskets and give them a home in another course. Time will tell.

Anyhow, I’m bummed for my buddy Jay who’ll have to find a new home to practice at lunch and for all the kids who call Applewood their course.

We’ll stay in touch with PRPD and post updates as they arise.

RIP Applewood.


2002: Englewood FunFest Demo

BY: Jeff Panis
September 17, 2024
After browsing, the Director for the Englewood Parks & Recreation Department contacted BADCO asking if the club would participate in the city’s annual FunFest event. Dubbed as ‘An Olde Tyme Fair’, the festival took place August 24-25, 2024 at Miller Field near downtown Englewood, Colorado.
The event offers many activities, such as a climbing wall, Tug of War, Arts and Crafts and now disc golf, all for a $1 admission fee.BADCO members Ronnie Ross and Brett Marshall setup three disc golf baskets and a booth to demonstrate the sport to those who attended. Over 400 individuals, men and women ages 2 to 80, experienced the demo. For many it was their first exposure to disc golf and, based on the how crowded the booth was, they enjoyed their experience.Ronnie and Brett had the opportunity to talk about the sport to city officials, beginning dialogue of possible development for disc golf in the Englewood area.