Taylor Made R580 XD Driver

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    Taylor Made's® R580 XD 440cc driver boasts a bigger head size and longer, deeper clubface, resulting in a large Moment of Inertia for greater forgiveness. A new sole plate design offers a deeper Center of Gravity for improved launch conditions, and a substantial amount of clubface-hitting area above the COG allows you to hit more shots that achieve a high launch angle and low spin rate-the optimum combination for maximum distance.

    Taylor Made R580 XD Drivers features:

    * 440cc head for a larger sweet-spot for greater forgiveness
    * Larger, deeper hitting area above the center of gravity makes the R580XD easy to launch.
    * New sole design optimizes CG placement, result in in superior launch conditions:
    * Improved inverted cone technology provides a large COR zone that equals higher ball speed.
    * Light overall weight- 315 grams- promotes higher club head speed
    * Classically shaped head is preferred by many players

    The R580 XP Drivers usually retail at around $400.00