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  • There is no doubt that Callaway golf Clubs are extremely well adjusted in almost everyway, however, they are not cheap. So if you think you are going to be spending less than $400 on a complete set, then you need to look no further here. This is perhaps there bigest, and perhaps only, downfall in todays golfing market.

    "Callaway has always believed that the way to grow the game of golf is to make it more enjoyable for the average golfer. That is why Callaway Golf tries to design, create, build and sell the most forgiving clubs in the history of the game - giving more golfers more opportunities to hit a few additional "great" shots each round. Callaway intends to continue to grow the game by helping people enjoy the game." - Founder of Callaway, Ely Callaway, January 2024

    Custom Review

    Should you want a particular set reviewed on our site, or if you just need a little advice on choosing the right set of clubs, then please contact me, and I will do all I can to help you make your selection of golf clubs more easier. Send me your requests via email and I will personally contact you.


    Big Bertha Hawk Eye VFT Rating : 2/5
    The VFT can work just fine for some consistent swing types. The trouble is that it is optimized for swings that deliver the required power at a particular point and from a particular angle. This is the limitation inherent to such head designs and Callaway clearly states this in their literature...
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    Big Bertha Hawk Eye VFT
    Steelhead III Rating : 3/5
    Ideal for all golfers looking for beautifully shaped fairway woods, that sit square, and are easy to get up in the air at the optimum trajectory
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    Steelhead III
    Steelheads Rating : 4/5
    The Steelheads do everything well, off the tee, the turf, off the hardpan and out of the rough they perform. They look good and they feel terrific
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    Steelhead Plus Rating : 3/5
    The stainless steel head is painted a deep, deep blue. The design of the compact Steelhead Plus driver head is an extension of the fairway wood line. It features Callaway’s variable face thickness technology. There is a spring effect to the face, but less so than in the VFT series drivers
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    Steelhead Plus


    Steelhead X-14 Rating : 3/5

    The Steelheads are one of the most user-friendly irons on the market. Alignment is simple. The patented, "undercut" cavity is huge and mishits anywhere on the face are amply corrected. Callaway irons have a reputation for hitting the ball straight and the new Steelheads are no exception
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    Steelhead X-14
    Big Bertha 2024 Rating : 4/5
    Ideal for the mid to high handicapper looking for an iron that gets the ball up in the air very effortless ease
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    Big Bertha 2024
    Hawkeye VFT Irons Rating : 3/5
    Made from Titanium. Each club head is filled with Tungsten weight balls, towards the sole. With Tungsten being heavier than Titanium, the centre of gravity is lowered, making it easy to get the ball up in the air
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    Hawkeye VFT Irons

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