Golf Stores

Golf Stores

Pointers to remember when Buying online and things to look for ::

  • If the offer sounds unbelievable, then it probably is.
  • Make sure the Site is well designed, without errors, pictures which don't download etc.
  • Make sure the price advertised is the price on the order form
  • Is the site up to date, or is offering the same special form 4 months ago?
  • Is it easy to contact customer services
  • Can you read customer and visitor comments?
  • Does the web site have a proper Internet address, such as and not
  • Is there a clear privacy policy, possibly with certification?
  • Most important, does the store provide you with clear and definitate secure online shopping
A great online store that offers a wide range of golf clubs and accessories, in the full range of manufacturers. They also have a section that offers "Training Aids". Secure online shopping, and free shipping for orders that exceeded $150.00

Pinemeadow Golf
A great place to shop for "Clone Golf Clubs". Supper quality golf clubs, backed with top quality customer service. They will custom fit your clubs especially for you. Their golf clubs them selves are very impressive, both in price and performance.

This is a web site that offers Coaching videos and books. It gives you dates of demo days as well as all the information from the coaches themselves. May be very interesting to some.