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It is often very difficult to choose a good set of clubs with out reading any golf club reviews at all. You need to get a feel for the clubs, whether they are easy to control, or hit all over the place. It is no good having a set that you cannot hit straighter that 50 meters down the fairway. The overall appearance, the look and feel of the golf clubs is also important, and should be taken into account. All these factors are put in place, making it easy for you to choose the set that best suits you.

So make your choice and prepare to raise your standard of golf. Armed with your new golf clubs, you will be able to hit straighter, drive further and play all your golf with more confidence than ever before.

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The Driver is the club most of us choose to start off our game of golf . Naturally it is important that we get off to a good start. A Good Driver will let you do just that, and a bad one wont. So read the reviews, and make your own choice and start enjoying longer straighter drives.
These are the real tools of a fine game of Golf. The Irons in your bag, will be the clubs you will be playing the majority of your game with, your approach to the green, as well as the clubs you choose to get out of those dreaded bunkers, so make sure that your choice in golf irons, is the correct choice.

Play more golf for less scratch.

Custom Golf Club Reviews

Should you want a particular set reviewed on our site, or if you just need a little advice on choosing the right set of golf clubs, then please contact me, and I will do all I can to help you make your selection of golf clubs more easier. Send me your requests via email and i will personally contact you.

Impex Oversize 2 Offset 360cc Titanium Driver
The new generation of Impex Oversize is here! The Impex Oversize 2 Titanium wood is larger and deeper than its predecessor, with an impressive 360cc volume...
Synchron Low Profile
Synchron Low Profile Stainless Woods
The Synchron Stainless Woods are the perfect match as a set, or as a complement to the Synchron Hot Forged Titanium Driver...
Acer XP Step Cavity
Acer XP Step Cavity Irons
The Acer XP irons are the next generation of easy-to-hit Pinemeadow irons. Notched sole area moves the weight towards the heel and toe, where it's needed most ...

G2 Golf Irons
The G2 Iron Series represents the most forgiving iron PING has ever designed. The G2 Iron Series will improve your performance by...

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