Taylor Made RAC LT Irons

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    Taylor Made rac LT irons were engineered with an emphasis on three key qualities -exceptional power, acute feel and great looks. For good measure, they also built the rac LT to be workable as well as extremely forgiving. The point being, this is one iron that does it all.

    Taylor Made RAC LT Irons features:

    • Investment cast soft stainless steel clubheads.
    • Low profile and thin top line provides confidence at address.
    • Center of gravity positioned higher in the clubhead for a lower, more penetrating trajectory.
    • Less offset than rac OS irons -allows the better player to more easily work the ball.
    • Tuned Performance Cartridge
    • Delivers high moment of inertia, for power and stability across the entire clubface.
    • Better center-of-gravity locations, making it easy to get the ball in the air -promotes a penetrating ball flight.
    • Enables an improved, more efficient transfer of energy from the clubface to the ball.

    The Taylor Made RAC LT Irons usually retail at around $800.00