Callaway Big Bertha 2024 Irons

Callaway Big Bertha 2024 Iron

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    Callaway Big Bertha 2024 IronsThe Callaway Big Bertha 2024 Irons are Ideal for the mid to high handicapper looking for an iron that gets the ball up in the air very effortless ease.

    * These irons are made from Stainless Steel and have some new innovative features
    * Constant Width Soles lower the centre of gravity in the long irons, making it easy to get the ball up in the air. In the short irons the opposite happens, by moving the weight towards the face. This promotes a lower more penetrating trajectory for better control
    * The set features a new configuration that includes a 10 iron. This bridges the gap usually found between the pitching wedge and sand wedge
    * These irons also feature VFT (variable face thickness) technology that allows maximum perimeter weighting to be achieved
    * As in the old model, a 360 degree undercut channel is one of the features, this also increases perimeter weighting

    The irons feel great, and offer some workability. The long irons, 3-4, plays like a dream and are so easy to hit. The Big Bertha 2024 Irons and great forgiving clubs, which have superb distance, and easy to get out of any trouble with.

    There have been very few comments on what the dislikes, or downfalls of these clubs.