Ping G2 Fairway Woods

Ping G2 Fairway Woods

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    Ping G2 Fairway WoodsThe G2 Fairway woods have a large, forgiving head and the choice of six loft options are just two of the reasons golfers of all abilities will find improved performance when choosing a G2 Fairway Wood.
    Several innovations, including a variable width sole thickness that moves weight away from the face for higher launch, make the stainless steel fairway wood series long, accurate and easy to hit.

    The symmetric shape and a hosel location near the face provide visual comfort and confidence at address. For slower swing speed players who prefer a fairway wood over a mid-iron, the 9-wood (25°) and L-wood (27°) offer playability from all condiftions.

    The deep face increases the effective hitting area, and the progressive groove pattern, the number of grooves increases as the loft increases, enhance the spin and lift characteristics.

    Designed to fit your swing, the G2 Fairway Woods are color-coded to help correct hooks and slices. The color code is PING terminology for the lie angle, or the angle between the shaft and the sole of the club. Golfers with an undesirable fade or slice may benefit from the Green color code (2° upright), while golfers who wish to reduce a draw or hook may benefit from the Orange color code (2° flat). The Black color code is the standard lie angle.