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Ping i3 Driver

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    Ping i3 Driver"These fairway woods are designed to be custom-fit to the golfer. In addition to a choice of lofts, shaft flexes, grip sizes and swingweights, the modified JX hosel, is available in 8 different lie and face angles. This allows a fitter to recommend specifications that can help a golfer reduce or eliminate hooks and slices and help "dial in" a preferred shot shape" Quoted from ping resource

    PING engineers have designed the i3 Series metal woods for golfers who prefer a smaller clubhead size.

    At 198 cc, the driver offers workability off the tee, yet is extremely forgiving. The small and compact fairway woods have a short radius sole, making it easier to hit solid shots from all types of lies. In addition, the fairway woods have full faces to prevent skied or popped-up shots.

    The i3 stainless metal woods are available with a complete range of fitting options including multiple lofts, shaft flexes, and grip sizes. Of significant importance is the thermoplastic hosel that connects the clubhead to the shaft. Available in several configurations of face angle and lie angle, these hosels help golfers better control their direction off the tee and from the fairway.

    The downside to the i3 driver has been with graphite shafts. Most of the golfers who have had a problem with this club have said that the graphite shafts are to soft, and have batteled to controll the driver. Besides that, it seems that the i3 is truely a great driver.