Callaway Steelhead X-14 Irons

Callaway Steelhead X-14 Irons

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    Callaway Steelhead X-14 IronsThe Callaway X-14 irons are the successors to the popular Big Bertha X-12's. There have been some adjustments made to this newest version of the basic, oversized cavity-back design. The primary change is the relocation to the sole of a greater percentage of the head weight, which helps in getting the ball airborne. The overall shape of the head is slightly smaller and more rounded than its predecessor and do not have such a large unwieldy appearance as was apparent in earlier Big Bertha irons.

    The X-14 irons have the same forgiving feel as did the X-12's. The Steelheads are one of the most user-friendly irons on the market. Alignment is simple and the patented, "undercut" cavity is huge and mishits anywhere on the face are amply corrected. Callaway irons have a reputation for hitting the ball straight and the new Steelheads are no exception

    Feel on on the Steelheads is soft, but substantial. Shots feel sweet with the exception of very thin hits which is due to the heavy weight bar on the sole. From the fairway the X-14's picked the ball up cleanly and easily due to the rounded soles of the X-14's. The X-14's perform well from the rough, but unfortunately fel short of performing in the heavy rough.

    The one majoe downfall of these callaway clubs is the price that these stainless steel irons, but then the majority of Callaway Clubs carry a fairly large Price tag.

    Over all, nice easy forgiving clubs that perform as expected, if you can afford them.