Acer XP Step Cavity Irons

Acer XP Step Cavity Irons

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Price : These Clubs sell at around the US$ 149.00 mark

The Acer XP irons are the next generation of easy-to-hit Pinemeadow irons. Notched sole area moves the weight towards the heel and toe, where it's needed most. Undercut cavity moves the weight towards the back to increase the moment of inertia and reduce twist. The step cavity fine tunes the weighting even further and a great looking gold metal emblem finishes off this fine head.

These clubs are availiable in Right Hand and Left hand, except for the lob wedge and aproach wedge, which are only availiable in RH.

Driver 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 PW AW SW LW
Loft 20 23 26 30 34 38 42 46 50 55 60
Lie 59 60 61 61.5 62 63 64 64 64 65 65
Weight g 242 249 256 263 270 277 284 291 295 298 303
Offset 8 7.5 7 6.8 6.5 6 5.5 5 5 4.5 4
Face 431 stainless Steel
Body 431 stainless steel
Insert N/A
Finish N/A

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What People have to say about the Acer XP Step Cavity Irons

"I received these clubs as a present, when Ilooked at the name i didn't think much but after a while playing with them i had to find out where they came from, great value."
Charles M
"I appreciate and enjoy these irons. Their weight (they are heavier than other clubs I have used) is great for beginners learning control and their balance allows me to apply my upper body stength without losing that control. Despite being a novice, I can hit the #2 with great accuracy for 200 yards after only 3 months of weekly practice. The only problem I have is that I didn't realize the SW was separate and so I didn't order it *-(.
Pablo Bueno
"First of all say that's those are really nice clubs. Just received my clubs (one month ago)I went to the driving range and after a few balls go into de golf course. Nice feeling and far away than with my old clubs. I have had only one problem with those clubs, I paid an extra 2 dollars for having the lamkin grips, and I have had to pay here on my golf club to a technical to put it on the rigth position. Each grip was headed in different way so no one was aligned with the club face. After solving that problem I have to say that It has been a nice buy."