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Golf Club Reviews: Irons

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I am pretty sure that we all know how important it is that we have the right clubs in your bag, and Irons are definitely the most important, as they will be the golf clubs which are used most frequently.

They are also the golf clubs we will use to make our approach to the green, and probably just as important if not more, they will be the clubs that we use to get out of trouble. read through the reviews on Irons, and hopefully there will be something that may make your choice easier to make.

Golf Club Reviews :

Acer XDS Tungsten Titanium Irons
The new Acer XDS Tungsten Titanium irons are a technological marvel! An ultra-thin beta titanium face is merged onto a stainless steel body, providing increased rebound for superior distance. The beta titanium is also lighter than stainless steel
Acer XDS Tungsten Titanium Irons
Acer XDS Wide Sole Irons
The Acer XDS Wide Sole irons are designed specifically for forgiveness. A thickly contoured wide sole lowers the center of gravity for optimal trajectory and helps move the golf clubs through almost any type of rough
Acer XDS Wide Sole Irons
Acer XP Step Cavity Irons
The awesome new Acer XP irons are the next generation of easy-to-hit Pinemeadow irons! Notched sole area moves the weight towards the heel and toe, where it's needed most.
Synchron Hot Forged Irons
The Synchron Hot Forged Irons feature the hottest trend in irons... the combo set. The long irons offer a deep cavity design for forgiveness, the mid irons a shallow cavity design for playability, and the short irons are muscleback for feel
Synchron Hot Forged Irons
Synchron Soft Steel Irons
The all-new Synchron Soft Steel irons incorporate the same state-of-the-art flow cavity design as the Synchron Hot Forged Irons, but in a soft 304 stainless cast version
Acer XDS 2 Professional Irons
This club's perfectly balanced cavity and short hosel design combines with its sleek lines for improved performance. Adorned with a stylish name-plate in the cavity, the XDS 2 Professional has the look, feel and quality you would expect from the best tour grade quality clubs
Impex Oversize 2 Tour Irons
The Impex oversize features deep low cavity weighting for solid impact and optimal forgiveness, and includes a 3 way sole for easy setup and multiple lie angles. The Impex OS 2 Tour continues the tradition of easy-to-hit irons!
PM Pro Oversize Irons
They offer a slightly longer and taller face for better balance and playability for golfers of all levels. The golf clubs feature a curved metallic plate that covers the low cavity weight to provide greater distance.
Power Play Select 5000 Irons
Four stainless steel ball bearings encased in polymer are positioned directly behind the hitting area to dampen shock and provide crisper, sweeter feeling hits. Rounding off the list of features is a proven step cavity design and a high quality satin finish
Tourleader Professional Irons
The sleek radius of the sole and the varying face thickness creates an optimum launch trajectory that maximizes distance through added carry and roll. The golf club's short hosel, rounded toe and moderate top line make these clubs a favorite of both low and high handicap players

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