2002: RIP Applewood Disc Golf Course

BY: Jeff ‘Toad’ Panis

It’s just a little out-of-the-way 9 hole course tucked away in a small park in Golden, Colorado. Many disc golfers dismiss Applewood Park Disc Golf Course because of its short layout, or its limitation to 9 holes.

However, this course is the regular home of Jay Burghardt, who every day on his lunch hour refines and improves his game. This year, Jay attended the World Amateur Disc Golf Championships in Florida and won his division. He owes much of his success to his disciplined approach to practice of the game, especially at Applewood.

The course is also home to many youngsters eager to learn the game in an environment a little less competitive than the surrounding 18 hole courses.

Well, Jay, the youngsters and all other disc golfers who enjoy Applewood may be surprised when, in the coming weeks, baskets, tee pads and tee signs will begin to disappear from the course.

Prospect Recreation & Park District (PRPD) will post notices this week stating that the course is scheduled for removal and beginning the week of November 3rd the demolition begins.

The PRPD Board of Directors has been discussing the future of the course for months and after some research with consultants and experts in the sport (i.e. the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and Disc Golf World Magazine) the board decided that the course was hazardous to the other park users (soccer and baseball participants, joggers, etc.).

So, what happens now? PRPD has not ruled out installing the baskets in another location. The district is small and encompasses the area between Applewood and Fairmount. Who knows? Maybe they can find a spot for a new layout. BADCO has been instructed to stay in contact with the district for any developing news. If the baskets go unused, hopefully BADCO or another group can obtain the baskets and give them a home in another course. Time will tell.

Anyhow, I’m bummed for my buddy Jay who’ll have to find a new home to practice at lunch and for all the kids who call Applewood their course.

We’ll stay in touch with PRPD and post updates as they arise.

RIP Applewood.