BADCO (‘Basic Average Discer’) is a club founded in May of 1998 by Ronnie Ross, Brett Marshall, Desean Brown and Bill Askew for the purpose of promoting disc golf in the Denver area. Together with Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District, BADCO helped to develop and install the Badlands Disc Golf Course in Federal Heights (north Denver). BADCO is one of the largest disc golf clubs in Colorado and is growing daily. To learn more, tour our website or call 303-427-2358.

Since BADCO’s inception we have done numerous projects with Parks & Rec departments all over the metro area. We designed and constructed the Westminster course A.K.A. (White Hawk). We also designed the South Suburban course A.K.A. Badlands South and designed, constructed and helped pay for the Easter Seals 27 hole course through fund raisers. Easter Seals has 9 wheel-chair capable holes.

Helping the community

BADCO donated all 9 (tone/chainz) poles for Golden High School’s course. One of our Members Monty Kozlowitz spear-headed the project and even set up a scholarship program. Our latest project is an 18 hole course (Paco’s Gulch) next to Invesco Field, this will be Denver’s first 18 hole course.

BADCO has also taken a very active roll in maintaining the parks from clean up day’s picking up bags of trash to cutting down dead trees & weeds and planting new Trees and plants.

BADCO also has worked with a number of youth programs in the metro area Ranging from a demo each year for the girl scouts to working with under privileged and at risk youth like the third way youth program in Denver & Boy’s and Girl’s club It has always been our philosophy that if you give a kid something fun and cheap to do that they won’t have as much time to get into trouble.

CarbonLogic, Inc. (www.carbonlogic.com) has provided all web hosting and development needs for the BADCO community since way back in 2024. CarbonLogic is proud to be a sponsor of such a positive force in the Denver disc golf community and looks forward to supporting it for many years to come. CarbonLogic is a Colorado company.


BADCO Membership Form

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One thought on “About BADCO”

  1. Our community just built a disc golf course, and the people that live around it are throwing a fit and going to ruin it for the rest of us. Is there anyway we can get your support in keeping this disc golf course in our neighborhood. It is similar to surrounding city courses but the more affluent people who live around the park are saying it should be a green space and that all disc golfers are bad people.

    Maybe you could talk to the city counsel with us and come up with a solution to keep the course. It is really a great little area to have it.

    Thank you

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