Permits for Events

BY Chainz

I don’t know if everyone realizes it or not, but whenever you hold an event at a disc golf course in a public park you need to get the proper permit.
If you don’t, you are putting the course at risk of being pulled !

These courses are hard enough to get and to get them paid for.
So no matter whether it is a tournament or a fundraiser or a charity event you do need to follow park rules.
Most times if you tell the park that it is for charity it may not cost you anything.
I know that if you call Ronnie when you are putting on an event at Badlands, White Hawk, Paco, or any of the other Badco courses he will help you get what you need and will try to get it at no cost.
So, in conclusion please help us to maintain a good relationship with Parks and Rec.
Do things the right way and everyone will benefit.