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12th Annual Denver Classic

Here is the DG Scene Page with ONLINE REGISTRATION.

Here is the CDSA Event page with more information and updates.

Due to lack of interest, I will be dialing back the 12th Denver Classic a bit.
There will not be in separate pools anymore and the tournament will now max out at 90 players.
We will not be having a mandatory meeting on Friday night. Player check-in will be Saturday morning as usual. We will be playing the regular 18 at Badlands Saturday morning. Then lunch will be served at the pavilion by tee 1 on the badlands regular course. The second round will be on 18 holes on the new course, behind the ball fields. Sunday will still be 27 holes using as much of the classic Blair Witch back 9 as possible. Tee times or shotgun start is still TBD. We will still have the Putting Content, CTP awards, Ace Pool and lunch will be served for everyone at the Pavilion on Saturday afternoon between the first two rounds. There will be a putting contest happening throughout the weekend at the practice baskets by the pavilion on Badlands normal course. Best score recorded throughout the weekend will get cash prizes for every division entered. Possible putting contest playoffs just before award ceremony if necessary. Make sure to sign up for putting contest during online registration!
Tournament Central Saturday Morning: Pavilion by Tee 1 & 4 on Badlands Classic course
Tournament Central Saturday Afternoon: End of Parking lot by Tee 4 on New Course
Tournament Central Sunday Morning: Pavilion by Tee 1 & 4 on Badlands Classic course
Friday 5pm doubles on Badlands regular 18. NO PARKING BY BALL FIELDS! (There is a baseball event happening Friday evening by new course.)
Saturday 8am-9:15a Player check-in
Saturday 9:30am Mandatory Players meeting
Saturday 10:15a Round 1 shotgun start on Badlands regular course
AFTER 1st Round, turn in scorecard to TC at pavilion on regular course.
Saturday approx 1:30pm Lunch for everyone at the Pavilion
After Lunch Saturday, TC will be down at end of parking lot by tee 4 on new course.
Saturday 3pm Round 2 shotgun start on new course
After 2nd round, turn in scorecard at TC at end of parking lot by tee 4 on new course.
Saturday Night Players Party
Sunday TC at pavilion on regular course.
Sunday Round 3: Shotgun or Tee Times TBD (depending on registration numbers)
Sunday approx 3pm Awards Ceremony
ADVANCE REGISTRATION ONLY! No day-of registrations. PDGA Membership must be current, or pay the $10 Temp fee DURING registration, except for all junior divisions.
Players packs to all amateurs:
100% + pro payout with added cash
CTP Awards for all divisions
Ace Pool $3 (one for each round)
Lunch Provided for everyone including pros on Saturday between rounds at pavilion.
Hopefully Players Party at Lodos Bar and Grill SATURDAY Night.
There will be an optional $3 Ace Pool during registration. One dollar for each round. If someone hits an ace during the first round, they get or split 1/3 of the total pool if multiple people hit an ace. If someone hits an ace during the second round they get or split 1/3 of total pool. The third round is also 1/3 of total pool. If nobody hits an ace in the first round but there is an ace in the second round, they get or split 2/3 of the total pool. If nobody hits an ace during first two rounds but there is an ace during third round, they get or split the total ace pool. If nobody hits an ace during any round, there will be a CTP throw off for the entire ace pool just before awards on Sunday afternoon.
We will need volunteers who are not playing the tournament to help make everything go smooth. We will need help with water distribution, spotters and scoring help. Please contact Tournament Director Matt James if you are interested in helping volunteer or have any questions or comments. 720-837-3474

11th Annual Denver Classic

Update2 Aug14, 2024: I have called everyone who registered but the Joe Rovere clinic has been cancelled. he is hurt and needs an MRI. I really apologize. We will be selling some of the custom 11th Denver Classic tournament stamped discs as fundraisers. All monies will go back into the tournament. We also will be having a raffle with some of the nicest custom stamped discs as well as polos, discs, etc.

Conrad Meyer will be shooting professional pictures of EVERYONE, the first round at GVR on Saturday and also the sunday round at Badlands. He is making prints of the first round pics for all the amateurs, as part of their players package. Matt the TD will have those when you turn in your card after Sunday’s round. The Pro’s can purchase their print for $10.

There are special tournament fundraiser discs sponsored by Victor Malafronte, PDGA #002. That’s right, Ed Headrick was #001, and Victor #002 is helping out our tournament! However I don’t want to publicize what these special frisbee’s are. So please email me if you are interested in a very special adults only fundraiser discs that’s really a steal at $40 each. So remember to bring some cash with you to this tournament for some extra goodies!



The summer BADCO classic is back and this time we are focusing on making this tournament accessible to beginners, ladies and juniors. We will have discounted entry fees, a beginners clinic with 4 time Colorado State Champion Joe Rovere Friday Night as well as different course layouts for beginners, ladies and junior divisions. We will be using the Green Valley Ranch course near 40th and Tower Road by the airport on Saturday and then the Badlands course at Camenisch Park on Sunday. Green Valley Ranch is a great new course that will have plenty Out-of-Bounds areas to challenge the experienced players, but open enough to not intimidate beginners, ladies and juniors. Players packages for all amateur divisions will include at least a custom tournament stamped disc and a personal professional photograph by Conrad Meyer.

Online Registration is available here.

Innova Discs
B.C. Surf and Sport
Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District
Lil Ceasars Pizza

IMPORTANT NOTE: We can’t have any money change hands at the Green Valley Ranch course as part of the park regulations. Therefor we will not have ANY day-of registrations at all! Please register for your division and any Ace Pool, WFDF Accuracy Contest and Clinic options through the Online Registration before the cutoff midnight 11:59pm Wednesday August 13, 2024.

Here is the current schedule as of now.

Friday, August 15, 2024 6:00pm: Disc Golf clinic given by 4 time Colorado State Champion Joe Rovere at Green Valley Ranch DGC

Saturday, August 16, 2024 8:00am: 1st and 2nd Rounds of 18 holes each round at Green Valley Ranch DGC with lunch break in between. There are a lot of restaurants close by around 35th and Tower Road.

Sunday, August 17, 2024 9:00am: 3rd Round of 27 holes at the Badlands DGC at Camenisch Park.

We will be enhancing the frisbee fun of a tournament with a separate Accuracy competition setup to WFDF standards using Zephyr discs that we will provide. We will probably have a Safari Final9 for those divisions that want to play it, which is a huge course setup for gigantic big throws, like tee 4 to basket 7 at Badlands for example. Feel free to leave a comment below or email with any questions.

Here is the PDGA Event page with registered players and results.

11thDC Update1 August 11, 2024

We still have 29 spots available. There can’t be any money exchanged at the GVR course because of park rules. Therefor we will not do any day-of registrations, even for Ace Pool or WFDF Accuracy. So please make sure to get registered online before the cutoff this coming Wednesday, August 13 at 11:59pm.

We could use some spotter volunteers. At the Green Valley Ranch course they would be more traffic cops for some cross over holes. However at Badlands we could use up to 10 people to help spot where discs go in the woods and keep the flow going, instead of players taking time to look for lost discs. Please email me if you are interested in helping out.

THE DOUBLES ON FRIDAY EVENING IS CANCELLED. I couldn’t justify the $260 permit the Denver wanted just for doubles and we only have 8 people registered for the Joe Rovere clinic. So please feel free to practice the courses on your own throughout the week.

The Ace pool is $3 for three rounds. Basically one pool for each round. If someone hits an ace in the first round, they get one third of the ace pool. If nobody hits one in the first round, that third of the ace pool will push to the second round and then push to third round if not hit in the second round. I’m guessing we may have aces at least one of the first two rounds, if not both. If we are left with only one third of the original ace pool for Sunday, we will probably open it to all players who want in at Badlands. If nobody hits an ace in the first two rounds and those two-thirds of the ace pool end up pushing into Sunday, then to be fair we will not open the ace pool to anyone except those who registered for all 3 rounds ace pool online.

If you have registered already but did not select the ace pool or WFDF Accuracy and decided that you want in, please email me at and we can work out how to pay me through PayPal before the event.

I have setup the junior/rec course at the GVR course. There are four holes with separate tees for the junior/rec divisions that will help course flow. 2: 129ft 8: 270ft 9: 250ft 17: 198ft They’re shorter but still challenging. So basically the Green Valley Ranch course is all set for the tournament. There might be a mando on hole 18.

Badlands baskets are currently setup for the tournament except for holes 3-5 in the Blair Witch. We are modifying the layout so we don’t have to go down to the wetness around old BW hole 5. Still working on how many holes will be modified at the Badlands for the junior/rec divisions. However we will indeed be using the separate pro tee’s for holes 12 and 17 at Badlands for the pro and advanced divisions.

There will be course maps coming soon. Generally for pro and advanced divisions, all sidewalks and beyond will be OB at the GVR course. Holes 13 & 14 have a cement ditch which is the same OB and beyond. Tried to mark the corner on 14 but need bigger flags. Hole 2 will be a mando around the left of the tennis courts from everyone. Badlands doesn’t really have OB except the fence line to the west along hole 4 and the south along holes 8-11. Obviously the lakes and running water at Badlands will be OB.

We will be having an additional fun frisbee event, the WFDF Accuracy setup. Each player uses 4 zephyr discs from 7 different stations with different angles ranging from 44 to 103 feet. Playing with Zephyr discs we are providing, you get one point for every disc though the 5′x5′ target. This probably won’t be setup until Saturday morning, but we’ll have it available on Sunday at Badlands too, for those who didn’t register for it online and want to play.

More info later. Feel free to email or call me with questions.
Matt James
11th Denver Classic Tournament Director

History of Thunder Mountain

In the early 2024′s Badco Disc Golf Club was asked to do a Disc Golf demo for a local Motorcycle club.The Iron Pony Express is a sponser of the Rocky Mountain Village Easter Seals of Colorado, Empire Colorado. So we went to Greeley Colorado for the Iron Pony Express motorcycle Rally. A week later we were asked to come out to the camp in Empire to meet with the Camp director about a possible disc golf course. The Rocy Mountain Village is located at exit 232, I- 70 and us 40 the Winter Park exit, South side of I-70. It is 180 acres nesteled up against the mountain. The camp is a retreat for variety of group the main group being physically challenged kids. The camp has the normal things like biking, hiking fishing, tennis, basketball,softball and hores back riding. it’s also a summer camp for kids from all over the state. We were asked to design and construct a disc golf course, which we jump at the chance. we spent the first year clearing out trees to make a fairway you can ask Mike Webeter about that. Our first targets were made of 4×4 post which Jeff and Tim Panis help to construct. The second year we held the Worlds Biggest. We borrowed temporary basket from the Wrighlife. At this time the Applewood course was closed and I bought the baskets and put them on the course. We made up chainz pole for the rest of the course and started having tournament to raise money for more baskets. Several years went by and we had baskets on 27 hole and 1 practice basket. From 2024 to 2024 the course was rockin. I mean great disc golf, live bands, food, drink, lodging and camping. It was a great place to play disc golf and enjoy the outdoors. We raised money for the camp and all was good. In order to play the course all you had to do was go to the main lodge sign in and give a small donation and play the best disc golf you could imagine. The rules were simple, No smoking, no alcohol on the course, pack in your trash and pack it out, the normal stuff. Two restrooms were provide with running water (can’t get that at a public park).
SO WHAT HAPPENED? Disc golfers begain to disrespect and disregaurd the rules.Smoking on the course (cigarett butts), water and beer bottles, trash, and urinating in public (childrends camp). I”m talking main lodge parking lot behind the restroom not in the restroom, while children were present. Golfers started parking out side the fence so not to have to pay the donation fee or check in at main lodge.They were caught by camp director, they tryed to argue, police were called on more than one occation.Camp director said to much no more and closed the course to the public.Which also included the Badco disc golf club who raised money for 23 of the baskets. The course has been closed for two years. I meet with the director and CEO of Easter Seals to plea our case. With no luck. After two years it looked like things were cooling down and the course might reopen, then I got a call from the camp someone stole 9 of the basket from the course. I replaced the empty pins with chainz pole so the campers could still play the course and to show good faith.Which bring us to now.The camp has a new director and she has agreed to give us a second chance. She has reviewed the situation and has agreed it wasn’t Badco’s fault. So what were are going to do to show good faith is to hold a tournament. The Thunder Mountain Doubles. We hope by doing so we can show her and the CEO that not all disc golfer are bad people. Thunder Mountain Doubles May 14th and 15th, we hope to get a good turn out. So if you played the course in the past, or heared of the course but never got the chance to play it, if you don’t do anything else for the sport this year PLEASE come out and play in the Thunder Mountain Doubles. It may help to reopening the course. We are trying to get the camp to set up a face book page and take registation to play the course at a $ 5 per person fee, sign a waiver, give your tag plate and drivers license numer. You can co to to see the many pictures of the course we have posted though out the years.I feel only through your participation will we be able to reopen the course to the general public. I have set up the Thunder Mountain tournament for May 14th and 15th. Check out the CDSA web sitefor registration and more information. I will have regisrations forms so call me at 303-808-6776 or email WE need your help it may be you last chance to play the best mountan course in the area. So please come out and support the course and help the Rocky Mountain Village of Colorado, who help physically disabled chideren.What a better reason to help? Believe me I know times are tough. Thank you for your support. ***** bless you all. Thank you for supporting the sport of disc golf.

Here is a link to the 2024 Thunder Mountain event page on CDSA Website with PDF mail-in registration form.

Ronnie D. Ross / Thunderchief





COMMENT: Thanks!

by chainman13 on Jul 16, 2024 – 07:38 PM

Hey guys thanks for a great time! This was my first tourney and you can bet to see me at many more. I am hooked for sure, I just started playing in March and to place in my first go round I was really happy. Being my first time I would like to say that I met some really cool people last weekend and look forward to discin’ with you all again!!!

Jason Gibbs

Permits for Events

BY Chainz

I don’t know if everyone realizes it or not, but whenever you hold an event at a disc golf course in a public park you need to get the proper permit.
If you don’t, you are putting the course at risk of being pulled !
These courses are hard enough to get and to get them paid for.
So no matter whether it is a tournament or a fundraiser or a charity event you do need to follow park rules.
Most times if you tell the park that it is for charity it may not cost you anything.
I know that if you call Ronnie when you are putting on an event at Badlands, White Hawk, Paco, or any of the other Badco courses he will help you get what you need and will try to get it at no cost.
So, in conclusion please help us to maintain a good relationship with Parks and Rec.
Do things the right way and everyone will benefit.

Badco’s Adventure / History

Welcome to Badco’s Adventure ..In the coming moments I will attempt to walk you thru ten years of badco history.
The story starts with two guy’s working on street lights in Pueblo Colo- Ronnie Ross And Brett Marshall.
We were aproached by some nice locals and asked if we wanted to play some golf thinking that they meant the traditional kind. We laughed and said we don’t play golf.
They then explained to us that this was a different kind of golf and we would love it. We decided to give it a go and off we went, From that point on, we were hooked.
That same summer, we attended the Worlds Biggest Disc golf Weekend at Ruby Hill.
We had been looking for a club to join for quite some time but could not get anyone to talk to us or to take us serious.
So, we decided along with 2 other freinds, Desean Brown and Bill Askew, to start our own club and we would name it BADCO !
We were the butt of many jokes for the first year. But then we built and designed Badlands Disc Golf Course. People were playing the course before we could even get the last basket in the ground.
After that we went on to build and design many other courses like Badlands South, White Hawk, Easter Seals (Thunder Mtn.) and our latest Pacos Gulch, We also had a part in Aurora’s Edge…If the truth be told! And we donated all the Chains and Poles for Golden High School’s Course which was built and designed by Badco member Monty Kozlowitz and his student body.
We have been on TV many times and have gotten the word out about disc golf to 1000′s of people.
It now appears that some have followed in our foot steps and have begun to do the very things we were told couldn’t be done. Like putting a Disc Golf Course in Open Space Areas or getting the City of Denver to put a course in, which no one else could do. But WE did it!!
We will not stop, we will not be told what we can and can not do, if we had listened to all the nay-sayers, we would not be where we are today.
We continue to expand on the courses we have already built and work on getting more courses in. We believe that we can make Disc Golf just as viable as any other sport there is. On top of all this, we have worked with many charities and youth programs such as Third Way Youth Center , Girl Scouts of America, Church groups and many others. So….. in closing, let me first say thank you to all that have helped BADCO accomplish these things over the years. You are the elite!

Thunder Mountain / Easter seals

The Easter Seals of Colorado Organization asked Badco Disc Golf Club to come to the Easter Seals Rocky Mnt. Village Camp in Empire Co. to see if it was a suitable site for a disc golf course. And to ask us to design and construct them a disc golf course for all to come out and enjoy. The course was constructed in 2024 and is a 27 hole course. It has all baskets, some concrete pads and some rubber mats. The course is a little extreme in places but, the scenery is spectacular. The course is under new management and has a new schedule Fridays 2 untill dusk and Saturdays 9 untill dusk. Also some new rules have been posted. They are NO smoking or drinking alcohol on course. Plus we ask for a 5$ donation which goes to the camp not the course.
The Rocky Mnt. Village Disc golf course goes by the name of Thunder Mountain. The badco disc golf club carved the course out of this 180 acres of spectacular mountain landscape. We used the mountain ponds the aspen groves. We take you through the pine and up the mining trails where few venture to go. We take you acoss and down the mountain side where mountain goats don’t dare to wander. We take you through mountain meadows where the Columbine and other wild flowers grow. And then back to the pines ,the rocks and the extremely challening locations of the basket placements thru out this awsome course. This course host two events the Denver tag tournament and the Thunder Mnt ( King of the Mnt. tournament ). The Denver tag event is for bragging rights and the # 1 tag plus trophy. It will be held on Saturday September 2nd there is no cost for tournament and top 10 tag players are required to participate. Start time is 9:00. More info call Ronnie @ 303-808-6776 or email
The other event is the King of the Mountain. It will be held Saturday and Sunday come at you leisure, play one round or as many as you wish to pay for, remember it is a fund raiser event to support the disc golf coures. To date the event has raised money to purchase all 28 baskets and rubber mats on the course. We were asked to add 9 more hole to the course and this what the fundraiser is for to raise money for the 9 baskets. The event is a causal event you can play either Saturday or Sunday it’s post you best round. The last round will be at 2:00 pm Sunday. There will be t-shirts for the first 25 to sign in. The Fee is $20 and $10 for a second chance. There will be one trophy awarded for best round. There is a handicap system of 10 points between pro and jrs. For more info call 303-808-6776 or email Please come out and suport us and the Easter Seals camp. Thank you Ronnie Ross and Badco Disc Golf Club.

Don’t throw your drive yet.

This article is to address the importance of not throwing your drive at the wrong time. Let me start out with a story or two to help set the groundwork.
Myself and a group of 3 other golfers were throwing a round at one of our local courses on a nice day with no wind or rain, just lots of sunshine. All but one of the guys in the group were fairly good players. We step up to the tee and get ready to drive. I throw mine no problem. As the next guy is getting ready there is an older couple walking down the sidewalk a long ways away. After assessing the situation, it is determined by the player that it would need to be a terrible shank shot for him to hit them, and that that would not happen. So he shoots and, whoops, grip locks it straight down the sidewalk right at the couple, and yes, one got hit.

Next story. Again myself and another fairly good, above average player, are playing a round on a nice day. He throws his drive with a girl headed towards us on a bike. She was a long ways away with no way to reach her. Woops, she turned her bike right into the flight path of the disc and it nailed her right in the chest. The bad part is she had just had heart surgery and it hit her right in the scar.

The reason I mention these two stories is that both accidents were done buy good players, confident in their throwing ability. I believe that it is better to wait until there is NO! possibility of hitting someone, rather than to take a chance, even a small one, and hit someone. Nothing will get a course pulled quicker than hitting someone with your drive. And hitting non-players is not good for the sport either. As players we need to take extra precautions to insure the safety of everyone in the park, in regards to disc golf. So please, when in a group, everyone should be on the look out for possible problems and make each other aware of them.

BADCO at the Governor’s Mansion

For the second year in a row BADCO disc golf club?s Ronnie Ross And Brett Marshall have been invited to the Governor?s Executive Residence. To receive an award for the work at the Easter Seals camp in Empire Colorado.
Last year Ronnie and Brett accepted one award on behalf of the entire club, Matt James received one for all the hard work he had put in on the course. This year Shawn Ennis will be in attendance to receive the award for the 19 baskets he built for the course.
We are very excited to see Shawn receive this well deserved award! This will take place this Tuesday June 21, 2024 from 5:30 to 7:30. BADCO would like to give our Congratulations and our deepest thanks to Sean, we will see you there.

update: BADCO showed up at the Govenor’s place in full dress and looking good. Shawn Ennis and his lady were looking great. When the award was given out they called Ronnie and Brett up to get it. Ronnie took Shawn up and told the crowed that he was the man who built most of the baskets on the course and was the one who should get the award. There are pictures on the web site under photos called BADCO @ the Govenor’s mansion check em out, pretty cool.

BADCO in Action

Since Badlands disc golf course was built there has been a rash of BADCO sightings and happenings. BADCO has designed and built 3 more disc golf courses since then, White Hawk (Westminster Colo.), Thunder Mountain. (Easter Seals Camp), and Badlands South (South Suburban). And our newest one is coming soon. (Pacos Gulch Denver).

Along with that we helped Golden High School and one of our best members, Monty Kozlowitz, out with 9 chainz poles for a 9-hole course located on school property. Monty was a teacher at the school and got the powers to be to sign off on the project. He and the kids designed and built this fun course themselves. BADCO has introduced the sport of disc golf to literally tens of thousands (a conservative estimate) of new people since its inception, through news media, brochures, demos, radio, park and rec literature and the never ending word of mouth.

BADCO will continue to work on the courses we have and will continue to work on new courses as long as we are here on earth. BADCO has also worked with numerous youth programs and charities such as Third Way youth program of Denver for kids at risk for gangs and drug abuse, Americorps an organization that is dedicated to helping those less fortunate, Easter Seals of Colorado for people of all disabilities, and the Girl Scouts of Colorado just to name a few.

BADCO and its members have also donated countless hours working to improve the parks that host our courses. Badlands: mowing weeds, removing dead trees and picking up trash. Badlands South: leveling the dirt tees, putting up side boards for tee boxes and building stairs on hole 3 along with picking up trash on the course. White Hawk: keeping the course looking good by sweeping tees and removing snow in the winter and of course picking up trash. Thunder Mountain: removing dead trees, creating paths, marking the course and you guessed it picking up trash. This is just a short list of the things BADCO does for the parks we love.

But what has BADCO done for the disc golf community? Well I will just say read the above. All of this is for the disc golf community. With new courses come new players, with new players come media attention, and with media attention come bigger and better sponsors. We also hold pretty good events for the players by hosting tournaments, weekly doubles and tag play. And in asking every one to pitch in 1 or 2 dollars during a tournament or doubles to go back into the park we give the disc golfer the chance to say I helped with that.

We look forward to serving the disc golf community for years to come and hope that most of you will support our efforts by either participating in our events, or in the park maintance or by joining one of our 3 chapters (BADCO central, BADCO south or BADCO Boulder). Join us and 5 years from now you will look back and say I remember when this sport was just getting started and now look at it, and I helped it happen.