Thunder Mountain / Easter seals

The Easter Seals of Colorado Organization asked Badco Disc Golf Club to come to the Easter Seals Rocky Mnt. Village Camp in Empire Co. to see if it was a suitable site for a disc golf course. And to ask us to design and construct them a disc golf course for all to come out and enjoy. The course was constructed in 2024 and is a 27 hole course. It has all baskets, some concrete pads and some rubber mats. The course is a little extreme in places but, the scenery is spectacular. The course is under new management and has a new schedule Fridays 2 untill dusk and Saturdays 9 untill dusk. Also some new rules have been posted. They are NO smoking or drinking alcohol on course. Plus we ask for a 5$ donation which goes to the camp not the course.
The Rocky Mnt. Village Disc golf course goes by the name of Thunder Mountain. The badco disc golf club carved the course out of this 180 acres of spectacular mountain landscape. We used the mountain ponds the aspen groves. We take you through the pine and up the mining trails where few venture to go. We take you acoss and down the mountain side where mountain goats don’t dare to wander. We take you through mountain meadows where the Columbine and other wild flowers grow. And then back to the pines ,the rocks and the extremely challening locations of the basket placements thru out this awsome course. This course host two events the Denver tag tournament and the Thunder Mnt ( King of the Mnt. tournament ). The Denver tag event is for bragging rights and the # 1 tag plus trophy. It will be held on Saturday September 2nd there is no cost for tournament and top 10 tag players are required to participate. Start time is 9:00. More info call Ronnie @ 303-808-6776 or email
The other event is the King of the Mountain. It will be held Saturday and Sunday come at you leisure, play one round or as many as you wish to pay for, remember it is a fund raiser event to support the disc golf coures. To date the event has raised money to purchase all 28 baskets and rubber mats on the course. We were asked to add 9 more hole to the course and this what the fundraiser is for to raise money for the 9 baskets. The event is a causal event you can play either Saturday or Sunday it’s post you best round. The last round will be at 2:00 pm Sunday. There will be t-shirts for the first 25 to sign in. The Fee is $20 and $10 for a second chance. There will be one trophy awarded for best round. There is a handicap system of 10 points between pro and jrs. For more info call 303-808-6776 or email Please come out and suport us and the Easter Seals camp. Thank you Ronnie Ross and Badco Disc Golf Club.

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