Badco’s Adventure / History

Welcome to Badco’s Adventure ..In the coming moments I will attempt to walk you thru ten years of badco history.
The story starts with two guy’s working on street lights in Pueblo Colo- Ronnie Ross And Brett Marshall.
We were aproached by some nice locals and asked if we wanted to play some golf thinking that they meant the traditional kind. We laughed and said we don’t play golf.

They then explained to us that this was a different kind of golf and we would love it. We decided to give it a go and off we went, From that point on, we were hooked.
That same summer, we attended the Worlds Biggest Disc golf Weekend at Ruby Hill.
We had been looking for a club to join for quite some time but could not get anyone to talk to us or to take us serious.
So, we decided along with 2 other freinds, Desean Brown and Bill Askew, to start our own club and we would name it BADCO !
We were the butt of many jokes for the first year. But then we built and designed Badlands Disc Golf Course. People were playing the course before we could even get the last basket in the ground.
After that we went on to build and design many other courses like Badlands South, White Hawk, Easter Seals (Thunder Mtn.) and our latest Pacos Gulch, We also had a part in Aurora’s Edge…If the truth be told! And we donated all the Chains and Poles for Golden High School’s Course which was built and designed by Badco member Monty Kozlowitz and his student body.
We have been on TV many times and have gotten the word out about disc golf to 1000′s of people.
It now appears that some have followed in our foot steps and have begun to do the very things we were told couldn’t be done. Like putting a Disc Golf Course in Open Space Areas or getting the City of Denver to put a course in, which no one else could do. But WE did it!!
We will not stop, we will not be told what we can and can not do, if we had listened to all the nay-sayers, we would not be where we are today.
We continue to expand on the courses we have already built and work on getting more courses in. We believe that we can make Disc Golf just as viable as any other sport there is. On top of all this, we have worked with many charities and youth programs such as Third Way Youth Center , Girl Scouts of America, Church groups and many others. So….. in closing, let me first say thank you to all that have helped BADCO accomplish these things over the years. You are the elite!

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