BADCO at the Governor’s Mansion

For the second year in a row BADCO disc golf club?s Ronnie Ross And Brett Marshall have been invited to the Governor?s Executive Residence. To receive an award for the work at the Easter Seals camp in Empire Colorado.
Last year Ronnie and Brett accepted one award on behalf of the entire club, Matt James received one for all the hard work he had put in on the course. This year Shawn Ennis will be in attendance to receive the award for the 19 baskets he built for the course.
We are very excited to see Shawn receive this well deserved award! This will take place this Tuesday June 21, 2005 from 5:30 to 7:30. BADCO would like to give our Congratulations and our deepest thanks to Sean, we will see you there.

update: BADCO showed up at the Govenor’s place in full dress and looking good. Shawn Ennis and his lady were looking great. When the award was given out they called Ronnie and Brett up to get it. Ronnie took Shawn up and told the crowed that he was the man who built most of the baskets on the course and was the one who should get the award. There are pictures on the web site under photos called BADCO @ the Govenor’s mansion check em out, pretty cool.

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