Paco’s Gulch Disc Golf Course update

The project @ Paco Sanchez / Lakewood dry gulch went to bid on 5/25, this means that construction should start in 30 days or so. Ronnie is Bidding on several of the disc golf items and knows several of the contractors that will be bidding on the tee pads. If the contractor who gets the bid is some one Ronnie knows then Ronnie will act as a consultant to help make sure the job is done right, unlike the Badlands tees. If not we need to Hope for the Best but expect the worst. BADCO will do our best to make sure that all goes well but some time things are taken out of our control. We will keep you updated as the project moves forward.update as of 7/10/05 Construction of the course is scheduled to begin in August of 05 looking foward to seeing the course come to pass.

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