2002: Golden High Tone Pole Course Installed

BY: Jeff Panis    Sunday, September 15, 2024

Tone poles are ringing in Golden, Colorado.

The first tone pole course in the Denver metro area has been installed at the Golden High School in Golden, Colorado. Spearheaded by Monty ‘Koz’ Kozlowitz, a teacher at Golden High, the course winds throughout the southern and western portions of the campus. Over the past month or so, Koz has spent his lunch hours and weekends with students crafting the course layout, installing tone poles and tee signs, arranging rocks and planting trees.

BADCO founders Ronnie Ross and Brett Marshall aided the installation by donating the tone poles for the course.

A group of BADCO members, led by Koz, had the pleasure of playing the course early on a Sunday morning. There were a variety of thoughts expressed about the course after a few rounds of play: 1) The man-made and natural objects throughout the course require accurate shots on every throw. 2) Wind is a factor and swirls in every direction. 3) Koz, who himself sought course approval from the school, managed the entire installation and design of the course and has spurred play by students and faculty, has done a great job with the course.

Go and play the new course and let BADCO know what you think. Get the Golden High course information in the Courses section of the BADCO website.

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