King of The Mountain on Thunder Mountain / Story and Results

The third annual King of the Mountain fundraiser was a great success in my opinion. We had a great group of people come out to support the camp and the course. The Saturday morning doubles was a blast with only a 1 stroke difference determining the winners with a 6, and three groups had a tie with 5. Ronnie Ross presented the first place winners Ron Whitehead & Brett Marshall with their trophies and money. Both Ron and Brett donated their winnings back to the camp and course. There were 9 teams in all and the round took 4 and half hours to play.

There were 4 bands playing great music all day. Which could be heard all across the mountainside. Americorps came up to help for the day, which was a blessing. You might recall that BADCO had done a fundraiser for Americorps last year, at the City of Cuernavaca park in downtown Denver for the Hunger Fling.

After, and during, the doubles match the King of the Mountain tournament was going strong with groups of people teeing off all day long. Last years winner (name) won this year as well with an amazing 8 in the Advanced division, and with a 2 stroke handicap it was a 10 that took the trophy. The only Ace on the day belonged to Brett Stipitich He was the winner of the Tag Tournament as well and went home with a new disc bag for the Ace, tag #3, and a trophy.

All of the BADCO members that were in attendance were treated to a beautiful lodge to stay in and delicious food prepared by Ronnies wife, Tommie Ross. There were 3 players parties going on all at once, two at campsites and one at the lodge. Rod Baca graced the upper camp fire circle with some magnificent drum playing and singing of Native American song. Mark Steputis brother David also joined in with some drum playing and his friend Richard was on the guitar. Now this was camping at its finest!

All in all the excellent weather provided for a great tournament and a wonderful time at night, with great people coming in from all over the state. This, in my opinion, is what disc golf is all about; fun; friends; and doing good for others in the process. So I thank each and every one who took the time to come out and support a great cause and help make what will soon be the best course in the state, if not the country.

Check out all the great event photos


Tournament Results:

King of the Mountain

1. Kent Villup 72

2. Brett Stipetich 76

3. Josh Brown 76

4. Shawn Ennis 76

5. Rod Baca 77

6. Mark Steputis 77

7. Randy Anderson 77

8. Mike Webster 79

9. Tim Hugo 81

10. Tom Peterson 81

11. Greg McDonald 83

12. Dustin Peterson 83

13. Brett Marshall 84

14. Mike Livingston 85

15. Desean Brown 85

16. Jim McCann 85

17. Bryant Cannon 86

18. Matt James 86

19. Ron Madrid 87

20. Rad Bunting 87

21. Ron Whitehead 87

22. Ron Ross 88

23. Mark Hough 89

24. Joel Abriam 89

25. Brian McFarland 90

26. Todd Wasserman 91

27. Mike Thompson 93

28. David Close 93

29. Blake Hart 99

30. Mike McKittrick 108

31. Elizabeth Maxcy 112

32. Ed Grosz 114

33. Beth Luther 116

34. Ron Seyfer 135

35. Salvadore Ross 135

There were a lot of people who did not turn in there cards. #2 thru #8 need to call Ronnie to set pick up for prizes.


Tag Tournament

1. Brett Stipetich #3

2. Josh Brown #6

3. Brett Marshall #11

4. Mike Livingston #19

5. Ron Madrid #22

6. Ron Whitehead #23

7. Matt James #24

8. Ron Seyfer #32

9. Salvador Ross #50

Doubles Winners

Brett Marshall and Ron Whitehead

Please post comments on how we can improve this event for next year. Keep in mind that it is a fund raiser for the course. Thank you all for coming out!

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