2001: Badco Beginnings

BY: Ronnie Ross   ronnie@badcodisc.com

Let’s begin by introducing the four outlaws that started BADCO Disc Golf Club. Then we’ll get to who, what, when and why.

BADCO Member #1 – Ronnie D. Ross ‘Thunderchief’ – President.

BADCO Member #2 – Brett O. Marshall ‘Chainz’ – Vice President.

BADCO Member #3 – DeSean Brown ’8-Ball’ – Head of Maintenance & Design.

BADCO Member #4 – Bill Askew ‘Weeds’ – Secretary

BADCO was founded on May 16, 1998 at World’s Biggest Ruby Hill. It was founded due to the lack of a club in Denver, to promote disc golf, and to encourage the development of future courses in the area.

From that point it’s been one adventure after another from designing and building our first disc golf course to hosting World’s Biggest 1999 and travelling to Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Wyoming.

BADCO would like to thank Hyland Hills Park & Recreation District for the use of the breathtaking park and all the hard work on the tees and greens. Also, thanks to Tom Lacrosse with BC Surf & Sport for all the junior prizes (without which there wouldn’t be a junior program), Bill Wright (The Wright Life) for helping procure the 18 baskets for the course, and Jason Rosenbaum for running Thursday doubles.

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