2001: Where does the loot go?

BY: Ronnie Ross     ronnie@badcodisc.com

Many people have asked me why BADCO tournaments are so expensive. My only reply is it costs money for everything we do. For instance, cement for the basket pin sleeves, locks for the baskets, inner chains for the baskets, t-shirts, trophies and course maintenance.

Thanks go out to all who participate in tournaments…they help to keep the course in good shape and provide for good tournament player packages and prizes. We at BADCO would hope that those who attend tournaments bring a friend! As more players attend tournaments, the fees will decrease and more course improvements can be made. Our goals for the future include:

-The operation of par 54 and 72 courses

-A stocked clubhouse/proshop

-Growth of the BADCO club

We encourage everyone to come out and play in the tournaments and join BADCO. If you are a member, encourage your friends and family to join…the more members we have the better our ability is to develop new courses and help the sport grow in and around Denver.

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