2000: Tradition is born by way of a record setter

BY: Ronnie Ross     [email protected]

BADCO hosted its first tournament Record Setter July 24, 1999. Over half of the field of 31 players were new to the tournament scene. The winners posted scores that will remain in the bulletin board for as long as the park exists.

The 2000 Record Breaker was held July 29th and 30th with 35 players attending and setting new course records. There was a $20 players package (t-shirt and disc) and over $1700 in prizes were awarded. Every player received something. BADCO was in the black a whopping $11.00 which was deposited into the basket fund.

Thanks to the efforts of Tommie Kimbrell and Melanie Wilson providing two great lunches and tournament directors Mark and Fred Hiss for bringing out their computer and doing a great job. Also, thanks go out to all who showed up to play and support BADCO.

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