2000: BADCO First Meeting

BY: Ronnie Ross   ronnie@badcodisc.com

BADCO set its first meeting at the Table Steaks pool hall by Sloans Lake and we had nine members attend. One of which became a member that night, thank you J.B.C. for the show of support.
We discussed how BADCO got started, the primary goals of BADCO and how the goals have changed. The main topics were how best to pay for the baskets and how to run our tournaments better so it was fair and priced fairly for all who play.

The members decided that one third of the field will be paid out and prizes will include discs, disc bags and shirts only, no more frills. You get what you pay for. This was a direct result of many rumored complaints (too bad these people couldnt come to us with their concerns).

We appointed an advisory board to help with the dos and donts of disc golf. Rod Baca is the head of the board which includes Mike Livingston, Mark Hiss, Spike Walker and Jason Rosenbaum.

BADCO hosted a tournament for members only to determine which members will represent us at Beulah Cup 2024. The winning players will have their entry fees paid by BADCO. Good luck, play hard and do yourself and us proud! A point system will be used to choose next years Beulah Cup Challenge team.

Remember, if you dont like the way were running things the best way to bring change is to join the club and attend the meetings.

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