2000: Scoop Doggie Dog

Don’t get us wrong, we love dogs, cats and other fine animals! However, there are some issues we must address. One is the leash law in all parks across Colorado.
The chief of police plays tennis and has asked that this law be obeyed. There is also a lady who is a member of the city council who lives along the park edge. We would also like all dog owners to please pickup dog waste (I’d hate for your disc to land in your own dog’s pooh!). We hope this is not too much to ask. Remember we want all parks and recreation to be willing to work with us for new parks. But if we show people that we can’t obey the easiest of laws then why should they trust that we wouldn’t trash their park? Think about it image is everything. In closing, we just wanted to remind you that its not worth losing a great golf park over is it? Help us keep the park clean and legal and it will be here for a long time.



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